The Scandalous Gospel

The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus, by Peter J. Gomes  ($10.17,  272 pp)
petergomesAmazon:  As minister of Harvard University’s Memorial Church, Gomes was a popular preacher well before The Good Book became a bestseller in 1996. Several subsequent books were, or read like, first-rate sermon collections, but this is an incisive original aimed at cautious defenders of conventional wisdom. Asserting that we are meant to go beyond the Bible in order to discover the gospel, Gomes points away from the past toward a future in which promise and fulfillment meet. Meanwhile, we must manage to live in the world as it is—a world steeped in hostility, suffering and injustice. If we take the gospel seriously, then like Jesus we will risk all, and might even lose all. Still, we hang on to a muscular hope that is not mere nostalgia for what never was, but an earnest expectation of what is to be. A born storyteller, Gomes knows how to spin an aphorism: The opposite of fear is not courage but compassion. And indeed his tone is compassionate even when he chides those who fear conflict and change, but especially when he extols God’s provision for the healing and care of all his creation, and not simply our little part of it. (Nov.)

Check this out:  A video of Peter Gomes in conversation …


  1. Grayce said

    This is my choice for February.

  2. […] 19, 2009 at 6:28 pm · Filed under Uncategorized We are now reading Peter Gomes’ The Scandalous Gospel Of Jesus, and will open the discussion the 2nd Wednesday in March (03/11/09).  If you would like a copy, […]

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