A Western Jesus

A Western Jesus: The Wayward Americanization of Christ and the Church, by Mike Minter ($13.59).

westernjesusIs the Jesus of modern western civilization the same Jesus found in Scripture? Is what we understand Him to be in the United States and Europe the same as what’s perceived in Africa or the underground church of China? How can one person pray for a great parking space while another is praying for just enough food or safety to survive that day?

A Western Jesus looks at the western world’s tendency to read Scripture through the rose-colored glasses of a society that knows little persecution or sacrifice. Indeed, such a relatively easy lifestyle can turn one’s spirituality to matters of self-involvement or over-domesticate the transcendent Christ found in the Bible until one forgets what He’s truly all about.

Here is a book to answer the cry for authenticity being heard from today’s postmodern culture. Veteran pastor Mike Minter writes in A Western Jesus to those who have been insulted by religious hypocrisy, who have claimed the modern church lacks relevance or perhaps even abandoned the Christian faith.

Meet the transcendent Christ who is so much more than a western Jesus.

About the Author

Mike Minter has served as pastor of Reston Bible Church near Washington, D.C., for the past thirty-one years. He and his wife, Kay, have four grown children: Kelly, Megan, Katie, and David. They live in Ashburn, Virginia.

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