Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide?

Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide?: (‘Cause I Need More Room for My Plasma TV), by Karen Spears Zacharias

For those who don’t remember, we read another book by this author:  Where’s Your Jesus Now?

[We ought to do this one just for the sake of the title.  — rls]


“If the prosperity gospel had a heart, Karen has stomped that sucker flat. Scouring the back roads between Portland, OR and Pinehurst, NC, Karen spins stories of unforgettable characters including the two-fingered Ambassador and the nearly-bankrupt Bookseller. Each encounter will test your heart and mind, pushing you into a conversation often avoided. Whether you live in a mansion on a cliff, a shack by still waters, or in a single-wide on cinder blocks, this is a worthy read.”–William Paul Young, author, The Shack

“I have been a ‘have’ and a ‘have not’ in my life. I have found in my walk with the Lord, as Karen illustrates so well in these beautiful stories, that the riches he desires for us have nothing to do with money. I love a writer that’s not afraid to walk with real people and speak the truth of their lives.”–Jeff Foxworthy

“Tragedy, hilarity, and poignancy do a square dance together in Karen Spears Zacharias’ latest offering. Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide? gives us a Spirit-infused meditation on gratuitous wealth and barely gettin’by, all under the paradoxical canopy of the United States of America — a.k.a. Jesusland. Her portraits of the lonely rich, the happy poor, and everyone in between move beyond clichés to reveal a common humanity and a common grace to be found in faith, hope, and love. The stories will stay with you. Read this book and be changed.”--Mike Morrell, zoecarnate.com and TheOOZE.com

“[Karen Spears Zacharias has] a huge fan in the Allman Brothers Band of heathens. Thank you for being brave enough to stand up and be one of our prophets. We desperately need you.”–Oteil Burbridge, bassist and vocalist, Allman Brothers Band

“If Fanny Flagg got religion, she’d be Karen Spears Zacharias. Zacharias goes after the prosperity gospel not with a theological rebuttal but with stories about people who are living the real gospel: people who’ve loved big, lost big, and become ‘the least of these’ for the sake of Christ, and who are spiritually richer than any slick TV preacher will ever be. She is trailer-trash wonderful, a guilty pleasure: like eating chicken-fried steak with mac & cheese during Bible study.”– Susan E. Isaacs, author of Angry Conversations with God

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