The Lomborg Deception: Setting the Record Straight About Global Warming

The Lomborg Deception: Setting the Record Straight About Global Warming, by Howard Friel and Thomas Lovejoy ($18.48)

[Sorry for yet another book on the climate business (you have a good idea now of what my fetish is).  Bjorn Lomborg, one of the world’s most prominent climate “skeptics”, is not a climate scientist, but is an academician, and as a result brings to his writings a “gravitas” that many of the other prominent skeptics — bloggers, retired weathermen, etc. — do not immediately have.  While his “science” can be bad, he gets away with a lot.  This is one of several recent books covering the climate “skeptics” and the money behind them.  See here and here. — rls]

Amazon: In this major assessment of leading climate-change skeptic Bjørn Lomborg, Howard Friel meticulously deconstructs the Danish statistician’s claim that global warming is “no catastrophe” by exposing the systematic misrepresentations and partial accounting that are at the core of climate skepticism. His detailed analysis serves not only as a guide to reading the global warming skeptics, but also as a model for assessing the state of climate science. With attention to the complexities of climate-related phenomena across a range of areas—from Arctic sea ice to the Antarctic ice sheet—The Lomborg Deception also offers readers an enlightening review of some of today’s most urgent climate concerns.

“Compelling. . . . Anyone who picks up Cool It. . . should have Lomborg Deception within reach to decide for themselves whether Lomborg”s main claim to authority-that environmentalists make it up while he provides accurate facts-is so much hot air.”–Sharon Begley, Newsweek (Sharon Begley Newsweek )

“For those interested in the future of polar bears and Arctic sea ice, Howard Friel”s Lomborg”s Theorem clearly documents the inaccurate and utterly inadequate arguments that Bjorn Lomborg uses to erroneously suggest climate warming will have little negative effect on this bellwether mammal. The far greater tragedy is that misleading presentations such as those proffered by Lomborg may help to foster uncertainty in the public at large about the severity of the human causes of climate warming, and thus further delay the urgent need for the entire world to respond quickly to reduce our collective output of greenhouse gases.”-Ian Stirling, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Research Scientist Emeritus, Environment Canada (Ian Stirling )

“Howard Friel”s Lomborg”s Theorem presents a troubling history of how a cleverly contrived claim that hundreds of scientists and dozens of scientific institutions have gotten climate and environmental science badly wrong over several decades is way off base-unlike the well established conclusions hammered out over decades in peer reviewed assessments. Bjorn Lomborg”s claims that environmental scientists mislead society into wasting money on non-problems is based on hundreds of out of context citations, dozens of straw men, selective inattention to inconvenient science, and the illusion of careful scholarship-Friel documents this deception brilliantly. Lomborg”s Theorem should serve as a sober warning to beware of the “myth busters and truth tellers” like Lomborg, who most likely are the ones misrepresenting complex environmental science problems-and, of course, profiting from the naive acceptance of seemingly careful claims that many wed to status quo policies so welcome.”-Stephen H. Schneider, Stanford University (Stephen H. Schneider )

“The Lomborg Deception sets the record straight with a rigorous, readable body-blow to climate complacency.”-Senator John Kerry (Senator John Kerry )

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