Convictions: A Manifesto for Progressive Christians

Convictions: A Manifesto for Progressive Christians, by Marcus Borg ($11.69 pb)

Convictions: How I Learned What Matters Most, by Marcus Borg ($18.72 bh, $7.59 Kndl)

The texts of these two books appear to be identical.  I had not intended to read (either one); however, a copy of the first was given to me, and now I am hooked.  — rls

convictionsAmazon: Marcus Borg sets out his deepest convictions about God and the Bible, and reveals how a series of mystical experiences helped to make him a world champion of progressive, inclusive and politically engaged Christianity. Borg is an internationally respected biblical scholar whose books have sold over a million copies in English alone. Each chapter explores a different aspect of the faith, laced with moving stories of the author’s intellectual and spiritual development. ‘The story of my life and my Christian journey is about memories, conversions, and convictions. Memories of what I absorbed growing up. Conversions: major changes in my understanding of the Bible and God and Jesus and what it means to be Christian. Convictions: the affirmations that have flowed from those changes. Three kinds of conversions and convictions have shaped my life: intellectual, political and religious …’ Marcus Borg

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